Dr. Süleyman Çam Photography

Dr. Süleyman Çam Photography



Nikon D800E,  Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Lens
Exposure time: 1/80 s,    Aperture value: f/13,   Focal length: 70 mm,  ISO: 125

BEING WOMAN IN ANATOLIA  Kars  Esenkent village

I’m moving in the savannah, right in the heart of Anatolia, leaving dust clouds behind me.
The fresh and clean air I touch when I take my hand out of the car window was like a sign of freedom. On the endless stabilized road I stopped by a fountain with a large trough. The bird songs heard from afar and the pulsing water were breaking the deadly silence of the atmosphere. The pleasure of putting my hands under the ice-cold and pure water was like flying by. I continued my dreams on the way heading to Anatolia. For quite a while, I stopped at ahill and watched the village settled on the ridges of a valley, then I moved to the village following the road rambling along the stream. On the road garnished with poplar trees I drove by a couple of stone houses, chickens scuttling away, and a peering kangal shepherd –maybe the biggest of its kind- and reached the village square. Accross the way, there existed a village cafe with a couple of wooden tables and around the tables there were clean heartesd Anatolian people chatting and sipping their strong teas. As I got closer to the cafe with silently, I heard the mysterious noise the teaspoon makes turning in the glass to melt the sugar which I still remember.
I said: “Merhaba Ağalar (Hello lads) ” and sat down at a table outside, respectfully and warmheartedly. While I was sipping my tea and watching the infinite Anatolian savannah, belltones like a orchestra woke me up from my dreams. There I saw the Anatolian woman walking tall and proud, reminding me Elif Ana carrying bullets to frontline with her tumbrel during the Turkish war of independence. Mother Hacer was guiding her children and the herd to the meadow. Sipping my tea, I remembered the lines of “Anadolu (Anatolia)” poem of Ahmet Arif;

Binlerce yıl sağılmışım,
Korkunç atlılarıyla parçalamışlar
Nazlı, seher-sabah uykularımı
Hükümdarlar, saldırganlar, haydutlar,
Haraç salmışlar üstüme.
Ne İskender takmışım,
Ne şah ne sultan
Göçüp gitmişler, gölgesiz!
Selam etmişim dostuma
Ve dayatmışım…
Görüyor musun ?