Dr. Süleyman Çam Photography

Dr. Süleyman Çam Photography



Nikon D700,  Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Lens
Exposure time: 1/40 s,  Aperture value: f/4,5  Focal length: 60 mm,  ISO: 200

CAMELEER AHMET  Kırklareli  Kıyıköy

On one of the last days of April, having a pleasant trip on the road rambling through Istranca forest, I reached Kıyıköy or Salmydessus with its ancient name, located on one of the most beautiful coastline of the Black Sea. Kıyıköy is known to be established by the Carians and the oldest monastery in the world which is cut into rock, St. Nicholas’ Monastery, is located here. I visit this village few times a year and although it has a municipality since 1987, the rustic natural beauties of the village have always been preserved by the villagers. This reflects the villagers’ culture and their respect to nature, which make a living on fishing and the forest.
I clumped to the municipality park and quietly sat on a wooden chair near the huge plane tree, without disturbing the silence. I took a deep breath and leaned back. When I realized the tea left on my table serenely, I was in the clouds. I slightly sit up and bowed my head to respond his kindness.
With a sincere smile on his face, he walked through the other tables and disappeared. He must have thought that I should not interrupt the unutterable feelings I was in.
The sun was passing though the spaceless fresh leaves of the plane tree and reaching to my table. The sunrays, taking the green of the fresh leaves deep down to my tea was adding an incredible pleasure to its taste. I straightened up with the voice saying “Welcome doctor”.  I hugged my friend cameleer Ahmet for a few seconds to celebrate our reunion. He was given this nickname as he used to carry the wood blocks by his camel train in old days, when motor vehicles were not prevalent. After the village became municipality, he became the first driver of the municipality buses and he visited many places under favor of being a driver.
In the years when I took his photograph, he was very charismatic. Although the surgery he had from his throat 2 years ago affected his appearance a little bit negative, it could not change his charisma at all. We spoke upon his disease for quite long and discussed what can be done. As our conversation got deeper, I realized that my cheerful friend that enjoys life is a little embittered and introvert. While sipping our second tea, he saw the lottery dealer walking around in the park and called out to him. With his last money left, he bought two lottery tickets.
Although I did not make any comments, as if he felt that I wanted to ask why he gave his last money to these tickets, he said:
– If I win, I will disappear for one year leaving a note saying “do not look for me”.
He did not wait for me to ask him why, he said.
– To familiarize… to make them say “cameleer Ahmet disappeared again” when I’m dead. Then he carefully put the tickets in his pocket.