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Dr. Süleyman Çam Photography

Dr. Süleyman Çam Photography



Nikon D700,  Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Lens
Exposure time: 1/160 s,    Aperture value: f/5,   Focal length: 28 mm,  ISO: 200

ICE CREAM  Istanbul, Beyoğlu
GOLD MEDAL: Scotland; Best mono print

A hot noontime in August, I was walking on the crowded Istiklal Street with my son, talking about life and the future. As we passed the Galatasaray high school, a friend of mine joined us and with our group of three, it became harder to move through the wandering crowd. Suddenly a little girl appeared on my left, cleaning the ice cream she had spilled on the floor. A pretty little girl trying to wipe out the ice cream drop with a tissue… I hope one and a half year old Bahar, with her environmental consciousness, has always been a good example for many grown-ups spitting or throwing wastes on the floor at every chance.
Right after I saw Bahar, I threw my camera bag on the floor, lay face-down leaning on my elbow and I supported my camera with the bag. Without taking notice of anything, she was trying to clean the street which she thought she polluted. Even her dad could not convince her to go on the halfway. I, on the other hand, was trying to get my share selfishly. Suddenly I realized that the area was empty and Bahar was alone right in the middle. With the noise of the first shutter release, she stopped shortly with a look on her face saying “What is this different noise?” As the noise repeated she found out where it came from and stared at me frowning, as if she was saying “Who are you, what are you doing?” How would I know that the impressive eyes of a little girl with her vanilla ice cream dripping off her lips would put both me and Bahar to the map?
As I got my way, I stood up and realized many eyes looking at with curiosity and sarcasm; I tried to hide my embarrassment and shame and pulled up alongside in order to meet this cute little girl.