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Dr. Süleyman Çam Photography

Dr. Süleyman Çam Photography



Nikon D700,  Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Lens
Exposure time: 1/60 s,    Aperture value: f/11,   Focal length: 24 mm,  ISO: 200

FRONTIERSMAN  Kars  Ocaklı Village
Photo of the Turkish National Photography Team 2011

One day in spring, I went to some villages of Kars neighboring Armenia to take photographs. The weather was pretty good for shooting. After I gave short breaks in a couple of villages, took photographs, and rested, I soon arrived at the square of the village I had planned to go. I had short conversations first with the children trying to pick up cowpat from the bins to light a fire, then with Esma washing dishes at the village fountain.
When I asked for permission to take her photos, she looked at her husband arrogantly and skittishly and continued her work nodding. After a few shots, I homed in on their daughter Eyşan. I started to plan taking her photos. At the beginning she was pleased but then she started to get bored. Meanwhile, Esma brought the pita breads she had just made in tandouri; they were piping hot. The father asked Eyşan to bring cheese from the house. He repeated a few times however Eyşan could not leave because of me taking her photographs. After the last warning of her father, opening her arms she said;
“E Buba koymir ki Gidim (‘Dad, he doesn’t let me go’ in local dialect)” and started running to the house.
I gave them some gifts that I always keep in the trunk. After this nice conversation with beautiful people of my country, I set off. I still keep a few photos with nice memories and the taste of “Cheesy Tandouri Pita Bread” which I will never forget.